Committees at ISGH

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    Food Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Arrange for food for Masjid events that involve food

    • Coordinate with the community if food is served by the community

    • Make pre-arrangements before the food arrives

    • Make sure the food is handled responsibly during the events

    • Make post-arrangements so the kitchen and the serving areas are clean after the event

    • Settle any payments related to food vendors

    • Work with food vendors to get the best rate possible

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    Religious, Educational, & Social Events Committee

    1 member(s)

    • Organize religious programs/events

    • Organize educational programs/events

    • Organize social programs/events

    • Present the message to the community

    • Formally invite speakers who visit ISGH

    • Minute by minute event agends

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    9 member(s)

    • Primarily responsible for running the day to day operations of the Masjid

    • To accommodate the community and help them better connect with the Masjid

    • Provide useful programs and services to the community for them to benefit out of

    • Keep track of Masjid income and expenses and report it fairly and openly to the community

    • Up keep the Masjid infratstructure and provide maintenance when needed

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    ISGH APNA Food Pantry

    1 member(s)

    • Maintain Food Pantry Building.

    • Assign volunteers different tasks

    • Purchase Food.

    • Distribute Food.

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    Communications Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Send out letters to the community

    • Make announcements at the Masjid

    • Make phone calls to the community on behlaf of the Masjid Council

    • Maintain ISGH website

    • Maintain ISGH Facebook account

    • Maintain member's email addresses

    • Maintain member's phone numbers

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    Interfaith and Dawah Committee

    2 member(s)

    • Invite people from other faith

    • Convey to them the proper message of Islam

    • Clarify their concerns and questions regarding Islam/Muslims

    • Attend interfaith programs around Central PA when invited

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    Funeral Committee

    3 member(s)

    • Arrange for burial

    • Arrange for Salat-ul-Janazah

    • Communicate the news to the community

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    Maintenance Committee

    1 member(s)

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Masjid area

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Class rooms area

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Gym area

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Volunteer Rooms area

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Imam Residence area

    • Repair & Maintainence of the Food Pantry area