Committee Detail

Published: Sun, Jan 10, 2021 9:38 pm

Food Committee

Any events that happen at ISGH that involve food should be run through the Food Committee. They are responsible for the pre, during and post food activities at the Masjid.


  • Arrange for food for Masjid events that involve food

  • Coordinate with the community if food is served by the community

  • Make pre-arrangements before the food arrives

  • Make sure the food is handled responsibly during the events

  • Make post-arrangements so the kitchen and the serving areas are clean after the event

  • Settle any payments related to food vendors

  • Work with food vendors to get the best rate possible

Committee Member(s):


Br. Nissar Khan


Br. Jinnah Iqbal
Council Member

Please reach out to the committee members only when you are in need. For any urgent matters please try to call them over the phone. Please respect their privacy.