About Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg

ISGH is one of the oldest established Masjids in Central PA with a long tradition of being an important Masjid in the Central Pennsylvania area. It is located just outside Downtown Harrisburg in Steelton township.


To conduct the affairs of the society a council is elected every two years by the members.

Programs & Facilities:

  • Islamic school for children every Sunday, teaching Qur’an, Hadith and Seera
  • Tafseer, fiqa and other topics for adults on Sunday
  • Regular taraveeh during Ramadan with Qur’an recitation completed
  • Marriage, funeral and other facilities for every Muslim
  • Information like salat time table, Hijra Calendar, directory of Muslims
  • Functions like Eid prayers, important Islamic occasions, picnic etc
  • Workshops, lectures in churches and schools for non-Muslims
  • Financial and other assistance to Muslims

407 N. Front Street
Steelton, PA 17113


  5 Salah Performed
  Jumu'ah Performed
  Wudu Facility Available
  Onsite Parking Available
  Gender Separate


To provide Islamic teachings and values to Muslims and inform non-Muslims about Islam and Muslims.


  • Provide Islamic education to Muslim children and adults
  • Promote brotherhood amongst Muslims
  • Maintain facilities for Islamic activities
  • Create a better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims and Muslims through lectures, discussions and presentations
  • Provide research facilities about Islam, Muslim culture & civilization
  • Arrange lectures and workshops by eminent scholars from other areas
  • Establish Zakat system to help poor and needy


  • Equality, fairness and responsibility
  • Opportunity for everyone to participate in the society
  • Strict policy of non-discrimination
  • Openness