ISGH Evening School

Two hours, Monday to Thursday from 5-7 pm

Evening school focus is to teach Quran recitation with proper tajweed. Additional study material consisted of Islamic Studies which includes Aqaaid, Fiqh, Tareekh, Adaab and Hadith.

We have Three qualified teachers to educate our students. Two of which are males the third teacher is a female.

Students are divided in three levels:

Beginner Level:

  • Qaida
  • Memorization of Short Suras
  • Duas of daily life    

Intermediate Level:

  • Start learning tajweed from 30th Juz
  • Memorization of 20 Suras
  • Duas of Salah
  • Basic Islamic Study

Advanced Level:

  • Complete Quran recitation with proper tajweed
  • Long Sura memorization
  • Advanced Islamic Studies