Committee Detail

Published: Sun, Jan 10, 2021 9:35 pm

Communications Committee

Communications committee is primarily responsible for sending out letters to the community, to make announcements at the Masjid, to make phone calls on behalf of the Council, to maintain ISGH website, Facebook accounts, email addresses and phone numbers of ISGH members.


  • Send out letters to the community

  • Make announcements at the Masjid

  • Make phone calls to the community on behlaf of the Masjid Council

  • Maintain ISGH website

  • Maintain ISGH Facebook account

  • Maintain member's email addresses

  • Maintain member's phone numbers

Committee Member(s):


Br. Mohammad Nisar


Br. Ziaullah Haqqani
ISGH Council Member

Please reach out to the committee members only when you are in need. For any urgent matters please try to call them over the phone. Please respect their privacy.