Graduation Ceremony of two ISGH Hifz school students

Assalamualaikum, yesterday we had Khatmul Quran in Trahweh and Graduation Ceremony of two ISGH Hifz school students, Bilal Ahmed son of doctor Zia Manzoor and Ahmed Saddiqui son of professor Javed Saddiqui .

Many congratulations to students, parents, teachers, ISGH Education Committee and ISGH Council. May Allah give reward and have Baraka in lives of all those who contributed towards establishment of ISGH Hifz School and who are currently supporting and those who will contribute in future.

Yesterday, we were also blessed with precense of Shaikh Abdullah from Masjid Al-Nur. May Allah bless you and give you reward for your time and encouragement.

Allhamdullilah, currently we have 25 students enrolled in Full time Hifz school. 15 of these students are new student who enrolled for Hifz summar program.

Please consider ISGH Hifz School for your child.

MashaAllah a lot of people gathered yesterd and some traveled long distance just for the Graduation Ceremony. Local community members and guest had very kind and encouraging words for the arrangements. I, Sheraz Khurram, thank all Council members and volunteers who helped in yesterday program and entire Ramadan.

May Allah bless all of you and your family for your time and efforts towards serving ISGH.

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