Announcement      Published: Wed, May 19, 2021

One Jummah Prayer only on 1:30-1:45 PM

There will be only one Jummah Salah @ ISGH and older time slot is restored as:
Khutba : 1:30 PM
Iqama : 1:45 PM

No Prior Jummah Attendance Registration needed. Additional space at Gym area will also be available.

With the COVID-19 restrictions follow these rules:
- Please stay home if you are sick, have any serious health issues, have sore throat, cough or any symptoms related to COVID-19 or flu.
- No women allowed
- No kids under 10 years old
- Must come with mask and wear it all time
- Must come with wudu
- Must bring your prayer rug
- Come on time, leave immediately after the prayer, pray sunnah at home
- Keep social distance


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