Past Announcement      High Priority Published: Sat, May 13, 2023

ISGH Sunday Maktab program 2022-23

ISGH Sunday Maktab program 2022-23 is especially designed to involve kids/ youth to learn Islamic studies especially beliefs, manners/etiquettes, jurisprudence , history of Islam with Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and last be not least Hadeeth (saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The age group is from 6-19. There will be in person class only @ ISGH (only Sunday) from 11:00AM till 1:00PM. separate classes for boys and girls.

$150 Tuition Fee for whole year, also sibling discounts. Registration will on orientation day 10/30/2022 Sunday 11:00 AM in ISGH Gym.
for further detail please reach out to any council member or Imam ISGH.


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