Past Announcement      Published: Fri, Oct 30, 2020

ISGH Council Elections on Sun, Dec 2nd 2018

Assalamu'alikum Dear Brothers and Sisters

Current ISGH council will be completing its 2nd term this December, 2018. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for showering their continuous support to ISGH and its council, and we thank Allah (SWT) for choosing us for managing and maintaining the house of Allah (SWT). Election for the next council will be held on Sunday after Duhr, Dec 2nd 2018, In shaa’Allah. We are thankful to Br. Omar Syed for accepting our offer for being the electoral officer this year. All the nominations for council should be submitted to the election officer by Duhr, Nov 25th 2018 .

Nominations should be submitted to the following address or can be handed out to Br. Omar Syed during Friday prayers @ ISGH.

Nomination forms can be downloaded by going to the below the URL  and then clicking on More>File/Links or click on

Br.Omar Syed

1031 Country Club Road

Camp Hill, PA 17011

This is an opportunity for you, and we request everyone to come forward and shoulder the responsibility of serving the house of Allah and serving the community.

May Allah (SWT) accept our humble efforts and bless us all for this opportunity and may Allah (SWT) forgive our shortcomings.

ISGH Council


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