Announcement      Published: Sat, Dec 8, 2018

ISGH Council Election Results Held on Dec 2nd 2018

Results of the ISGH Council elections held on Dec 2nd, 2018 have been announced. Below were the nominations that were submitted and these individuals were elected unanimously. We thank the outgoing council and we wish the best to the new ones. The new council will be in business starting Jan 1st 2019 InShaaAllah.

ISGH Council – 2019-2020

President – Br. Sheraz Khurram

Vice President – Br. Nissar Khan

Secretary – Br. Jinnah Iqbal

Treasurer – Br. Muzaffar Khan

Council Members
Br. Ziauddin

Br. Mohammad Fayyaz

Br. Saad Ali

Br. Shahul Hameed Habibullah

Br. Masood Khalid

We sincerely thank Br. Omar Syed ( for being the Election Officer for this election.

May Allah (SWT) accept our humble efforts and bless us all for the opportunity of serving Allah’s House and may Allah (SWT) forgive our shortcomings.

May Allah (SWT) guide, protect and bless our community. Ameen

ISGH Council


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