Past Announcement      High Priority Published: Fri, Jun 24, 2016

ISGH and Central PA Muslim Community Condemns Violence in Florida

Just last week we mourned the passing of a great Muslim American, Muhammad Ali, who engendered the Islamic ideals of fighting for justice, standing for the less fortunate, and fostering friendships across the spectrum – Jews, Christian, famous and infamous. In contrast, today we mourn with our fellow Americans a tremendous tragedy and act of violence. This person, one who happens to be Muslim, has taken the lives of dozens and ruined the lives of hundreds. His ideology is not one of faith but instead fostered in the echo chambers of the internet where the sick prey on the weak.

ISGH and Central PA Muslim community has consistently rejected this false ideology and instead strives to be an example for the country through our ongoing interfaith work, opening the doors of our mosques, and ongoing work with our local school districts and governments. Local Muslims come from all walks (physicians, engineers, architects, dentist, government, laborers, etc.) whose hard work is the exemplar of the American ideal. We will always stand with the victims and oppressed against the violent and the oppressors, and do so this day! We are truly blessed to be part of this country.

May God bless and guide all of us, may He foster the good and blight out the darkness, and may He ease those who have suffered this day, Amen.


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