Announcement      Published: Wed, May 24, 2023

Registration Open for Hifz Trail Program 2023

This trial-based Hifz course is specifically designed for those who wish to start memorizing Quran during summer break to determine their child's ability for Hifz Quran.

There are some preconditions that must be fulfilled before registration that are: Kids should able to recite the Quran fluently by looking and the age group must be Under 12 years. Parents must be willing to enroll selected kids for academic studies in PA Cyber School. Parents' involvement must be needed to check student’s Daily Progress Report of their kids.

These will be in-person classes @ ISGH Daily (Except Saturday) from 9:00 AM till 1:30 PM.

The registration for Evening school is also open. Evening classes will teach Quran recitation with proper Tajweed. Additional study materials consisting of Islamic Studies which include Aqaaid, Fiqh, Tareekh, Adaab and Hadith.

Evening classes will be 2 hours, Monday thru Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Please register your kids using this form,

Hifz classes start on June 12, 2023

The assessment of the kids during this trial program is based on,
- the capability to memorize at least 5 lines in an hour
- retaining the ability to remember the previous memorized parts with a short review at least 1 page in 5 mins
- how much involvement parents show and the student's class attendance on time

Contact : Br Zia ud-Din
Cell # 717-608-9409


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