Announcement      Published: Sat, Oct 29, 2022

ISGH Council Elections for 2023-24

Asalamu'alikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Current ISGH council will be completing its term this December, 2022. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for showing their continuous support to ISGH and its council, and we thank Allah (SWT) for choosing us for managing and maintaining the house of Allah (SWT).

We are thankful to Br. Omar A Syed for accepting the responsibility for leading election officer this year. The election committee comprises of below community members:
Br. Omar A Syed
Br. Ahsan A Hashmi
Sis. Izzathul R Mowjood
The election for the next council will be held on Sunday, Dec 4th 2022 from 10:00 AM to noon after the general membership meeting @ 9:30 AM where progress reports and financial updates will be presented to general members.

All the nominations for council should be submitted to the election committee/ISGH council by Duhr, Nov 18th 2022 and if anyone wishes to withdraw it must be done by Nov 21st 2022 by 2:00 PM. Nomination form is available at ISGH. One member can be nominated for one position only and must be a full member of ISGH for 2022. ISGH certified Full member must bring photo ID and cast their vote in person only within the above-mentioned time slot. Ballot paper for the elections will be available for voting. The counting of the votes will start immediately after voting ends and results will be announced soon after that. All nominees are requested to be present on election day
Please reach out to the election officer via email: phone: (717) 731-1491 regarding election rules and any question/ concern.

Note: Anyone submitted membership fee for 2022 and have not signed membership form, must duly fill and handover to ISGH treasurer by Nov 5th, 2022.

Jazakumu’Allahu Khairan
ISGH Council


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